Yam’s Ornamental Garden – Test Tubes with Hydro Plants


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  • Specifications
  • You can buy wooden rack alone or with Test Tube & Plants (in set) to save.
  • Wooden Rack made from Melina Wood in choco brown finish, comes in single, double and three holes rack.
  • Test Tube Vase comes in 3 sizes
  • We sell test tube vase only too.
  • You can buy test tube + plant alone too.

Additional information

Test Tubes with Plants

12 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, Wooden Rack Only – 1 Hole, Wooden Rack Only – 2 Hole, Wooden Rack Only – 3 Hole, Wooden Rack Choco Brown – 1 Hole, Wooden Rack Choco Brown – 2 Hole, Wooden Rack Choco Brown – 3 Hole


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