Learn how to reset MacBook Air to factory settings without disc in this post. These steps have been explained in simple language below. Apple’s T2 security chip that comes with the Intel-based models of 2017 and after, this is the process you will have to follow for a factory reset. Heloise Montini is a content writer whose background in journalism make her an asset when researching and writing tech content.

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How to factory reset a Mac

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The remaining steps will walk you through installing macOS on your MacBook Pro. This will be the same version of macOS that came preinstalled.When prompted, select a wireless network or connect your Mac to the internet using an ethernet cable. After factory resetting the Mac with a password or not, you may find some crucial files deleted. As we mentioned in the first part, you need EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac to recover these essential files, and you can recover Trash Mac even after emptying it. If you want to factory reset your Mac without passwords, you need to enter the Recovery Mode first and then use the Disk Utility or Reinstall macOS option to erase data on your Mac.

But some errors and bugs may also require you to factory reset your Mac. Before erasing your Mac desktop or MacBook, make sure to back up your data. After that, you can easily reinstall macOS on your device.